If you want a low-cost affordable California Uncontested Divorce, there are some important things to know. Providing you and your spouse can or already agree on how you will settle the matters surrounding your divorce you are ready to move forward and get an inexpensive Uncontested Divorce in California. This type of divorce is usually the most clear-cut and simple.

California Uncontested Divorce Orange County

Filing a Petition for Divorce – How it Works

It all begins with filing a petition with the court and is the first step in the process. You can hire a paralegal in Orange County to help you fill-out the paperwork and file with the Superior Court. Alternately, you can go to the court yourself and file the initial documents required to start the process. Then you can work on the settlement agreement.

With this kind of dissolution of marriage, one person files a petition for divorce in California and both spouses must state they can reach an agreement regarding every single issue they face.

Next Step: Work out a Settlement Agreement with Your Spouse or Domestic Partner

Covering issues like:

  • The division of property and responsibilities for any debts.
  • If children are involved, who gets custody of the minor children.
  • If the couple will share custody, decisions about parenting time and each partner’s responsibilities.
  • The amount and time period for agreed upon child support.
  • The amount and time period for any alimony or spousal support.

If the above issues are workable between both of you, the best solution may be to file for a simple, low-cost California Uncontested Divorce.

California Uncontested Divorce is Affordable and Simple

Uncontested Divorce in California Orange County Settlement Agreement

Once you have reached your agreements, you will not need to go to court to argue or engage in a long court battle. Instead, you or a paralegal files the divorce settlement agreement with the court. The settle agreement document lays out each issue as you agreed to handle them with each other. This encompasses and includes the above-mentioned things like dividing property and debts and if minor children are involved, decisions about child custody, support, or parenting time.

uncontested divorce decisions about child custody

Low-Cost California Uncontested Divorce is Ideal for Those Couples with Few Assets or No Minor Children

Know this, any dissolution of marriage whether a contested or uncontested divorce is always unique. Not every case runs smoothly but they are virtually seamless for spouses who do not have any kids or who have little in the way of assets. If you do not have a house, rental property, or other major financial assets, this is a great option.

This type of divorce is also good for spouses when both are self-sufficient or have jobs that they will keep afterward. California makes procedures easy for people in this type of divorce. These procedures are limited, though, and your Orange county paralegal will be happy to assist by answering (non-legal) questions you have.

Couples with Few Assets

BIG QUESTION: Can Couples Who Have Minor Children and Substantial Assets Get an Uncontested Divorce?

These couples can go through an uncontested divorce only if they can agree on the issues outlined above. Settling major issues is necessary for this type of divorce to work. Couples who have a few arguments about one thing or another do have a hope of avoiding a contested divorce, but they have to work to agree on those things.

This works best with couples that can communicate with each other and negotiate things. Mediation is available for those who need help in this area but it costs money for a mediator. An attorney can also help couples negotiate but this service increases the cost of the divorce.

The Affordable Solution: Use a Paralegal that Provides Services for Orange County, Los Angeles, Riverside, and San Bernardino Counties

Legal document preparers or paralegals can help you with divorce paperwork. California is one of many states where paralegals can assist you to complete your court forms. If you reside in Orange County, Los Angeles, Riverside, and San Bernardino Counties, a certified paralegal at Divorce Preparation Services can help you file an affordable California Uncontested Divorce, making the process feel less stressful. Paralegals cannot provide you with legal advice. However, they can guide you in seeking the resources you need. Help ensure that your petition is accurate before filing with the court. The simple part for you – Our Paralegals in Orange County file the correct documents with the Superior Court in your county.

Divorce in Orange County - judge reviewing divorce documents

A Settlement Agreement is the Beginning of Finalizing Divorce

The judge will have to approve your settlement agreement to proceed to finalizing the divorce. Usually, the judge will approve it, however, and the only exception is when certain terms are unfair to one spouse or indicate some type of duress. Once the time period (6 months in California), which is established by law has passed, the divorce itself becomes final.

See California Uncontested Divorce Part II for additional details, costs, and answers to some questions you may have about dissolving your marriage in an affordable and simpler way.

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