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Paralegal in Orange County answers your FAQS. Learn more by reading the answers to Frequently Asked Questions about divorce and legal separation, contested and uncontested divorce, minor children, child custody and visitation agreements, legal documents and court filings.

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Paralegal in Orange County answers your questions about Divorce and Legal Separation in California

What does uncontested mean?

Uncontested means that the parties have agreed on everything and they don’t need the assistance of the court or an attorney. If the two of you can agree on how you are going to divide your property and how you are going to share custody of the children then you have an uncontested matter.

How do I get an agreement with the other party?

The two of you are the only ones who know what you have. The best way is to make a list of everything that you have acquired during the marriage and then list who will get that asset. You can make a vague agreement for custody and visitation be stating “by mutual agreement of the parties” or you can be specific by stating “every other weekend from Friday at 5:00 p.m. to Sunday at 5:00 p.m.” The court has guidelines for child support and custody but you do not need to agree with those guidelines as long as the two of you agree with it.

What if I have a contested matter?

A contested matter is when the other party is not agreeing to anything for a divorce in Orange County. Unfortunately, you may require the assistance of an attorney. Most counties require that a hearing be set to finalize all the issues of a divorce when there is no agreement. Because we are only paralegal’s providing a document preparation service we are unable to give legal advice. That does not mean that you cannot proceed on your own, but because of the legal system and depending upon your particular circumstances it may be prudent to obtain legal counsel.

I can obtain legal documents from the court. Why do I need your service?

That is correct, you can obtain the legal documents from several sources. However, the court will not assist you in filing the documents. You are obtaining our services for divorce preparation to file and know the practice and procedures of your particular county. Some services do provide instructions on how to file, but if there is an error when you go to file them the clerk will not help you. You would not want to get all the way to court and then find out you did not check the correct box or you have the wrong document. Our certified paralegal in Orange County will make sure your documentation is prepared thoroughly.

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